Match candidates to jobs based on the way they work, the work culture they prefer and the way they think.

Hire Right

Make better hiring decisions by letting Affintus help you find your next top performer. Top performers are valued and enjoy their job; they’ll excel and want to stay. The best will brag about you, making your business the desirable place to work.

Hire Effortlessly

Save time and money by evaluating all candidates. Focus on the ones that fit your jobs. Improve your interviews with tailored behavioural interview questions.

Delight Customers

Employees that perform well have reason to celebrate and be grateful. That enthusiam is felt by customers when doing business with your team members.


Match Report: Know what performers look like

Consistently and quickly hire people that will perform well and enjoy the job.

Our Customers Make Great Hiring Decisions

I think I undervalued our time in the past.

With Affintus highlighting our highly qualified candidates, we focus ourselves on spending time with them instead of using our time to filter out unqualified candidates. Affintus delivers the data we need to make better hiring decisions in less time.

John Jordan
CEO BusinesSuites

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