White Paper

As competition for top talent grows, executives and managers will focus more on the strategies that will help them make the best hiring decisions fast.

CEOs know that their companies face serious talent problems – 93% say they should change their strategy for acquiring talent, but 61% say they haven’t taken the first step yet. The result? Most of their managers have made hiring mistakes and suffered the expensive consequences – low team productivity, lost clients, frustrated managers.

As competition for top employees challenges managers to hire faster and smarter, companies will need adopt the best, most reliable strategies for identifying the applicant who is most likely to be a future top performer – and it may not be who they think it is.

Guide to Hiring Success

Key Takeaways:

  • Job experience does not predict success in a new job and hiring someone based on an interview has about the same success rate as flipping a coin.
  • Lots of people lie on their resumes.
  • A hiring mistake will cost at least $7000 to fix…probably more.
  • Managers already know what causes them to make a bad hire.
  • Hire faster and smarter by adopting tools that give you the data you need to make fast, smart hiring decisions: valid pre-hire assessments, job knowledge tests, and interviews that are data sources, not just conversations.

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