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Perfect for companies with minimal hiring needs.

1 Active Role

Per month

when billed monthlyannually


For companies just getting started or with steady hiring needs.

5 Active Roles

Per month

when billed monthlyannually


For high-growth organizations or multi-market demands.

10 Active Roles

Per month

when billed monthlyannually


Solutions to handle the most aggressive hiring needs.

Unlimited Active Roles
Starter Advanced Professional Enterprise
Concurrent Active Job Postings How many jobs are needed to drive your success? 1 5 10 Custom
Rank Candidates by Job Fit Increase Engagement. Improve Retention. Reduce Bias
Enhanced Job Seeker Experience All applicants receive detailed feedback on strengths
Custom Behavioral Interview Questions Guidance on how to further evaluate each unique candidate
Unlimited Users Everyone who needs access, gets access
Comprehensive Job Formula Library 50,000 job titles help you identify the best candidates
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After reviewing and testing a number of well-known assessment solutions we selected Affintus for two reasons:

  • The results of the Affintus questionnaire are very accurate.
  • With Affintus we easily compare current employees to potential employees – that helps us keep the same kind of crazy around here…

We receive hundreds of applications… we do initial screening using the Affintus dashboard that lists all applicants in order of the strength of their match.  That way we spend our time on the applicants who really do have an affinity for the job.

we don’t have performance problems with employees hired using Affintus.

Vice-President, HR
Oil and Gas industry