Affintus improves Quality of Hire through Science. 

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The Pain

% of New Hires
% of managers' time
+ % of Annual Salary

What Affintus Supports

Quality of Hire

Focus on the core inherent qualities needed for one to be successful

DEI Initiatives

Eliminate early selection bias and reduce bias through the process.

Reduce Turnover

Better aligned employees means drastic increase in average tenure.

Heavy Applicant Volume

Streamlined initial evaluation; fair and bias-free.

Prepare Interviewers

Custom interview questions unique to each job seeker.

Candidate Experience

Every applicant gets detailed constructive feedback.

Find the Best Job Fit

Affintus evaluates your candidates' inherent qualities against 16-19 separate dimensions, depending on the role, and determines which candidates best align with your needs.  Our matching pulls from decades of research and the largest survey data set in the industry.  

With our detailed report, you will have a clear understanding of each candidate's work style and work culture preferences.   If your role demands it, our optional (and included) cognitive layer provides even greater insight.

We also ensure an exceptional job-seeker experience with each candidate (hired or not) getting Career Guidance that helps them understand how to maximize their natural strengths on the job.  

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Learn how Affintus can help you. 

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