Affintus improves Quality of Hire through Science. 

Affintus is the scientifically proven way to predict which candidates will be most successful in your current open positions.

Candidates complete a brief survey built on decades of research.  Each candidate is then compared to your job across 19 separate dimensions.  Based on this insight, we can determine which candidates best align with the requirements of your job as supported by the largest survey data set in the industry

For each candidate, you will receive a detailed job match report, enabling you to understand each candidate's unique work style and work culture preferences.  Every candidate is ranked against the specific demands of your roles, so you can focus on only those who can best support your organization. 

Affintus is also the leader in providing exceptional job-seeker experience with each candidate (hired or not) getting Career Guidance that helps them understand how to maximize their natural strengths on the job.  

The Pain

% of New Hires
% of managers' time
+ % of Annual Salary

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Affintus Features

Affintus Subscription: Hire Fast. Hire Smart.

With the Affintus Subscription pricing model, there are no per-test or per-user fees so you can easily predict budget. One subscription fee gives you the latest in hiring science and technology - all you need to improve managers’ hiring decisions while reducing hiring time and costs.

Scientific Validation

The Affintus Questionnaire (which includes aptitude and learning style, personality and work style, and work culture preferences) are rigorously validated to predict each candidate’s performance on the job. Affintus helps organizations comply with the most recent Federal UGES Guidelines.

Dedicated Customer Support

Get training and support from the Affintus team as part of your Affintus subscription. We’ll help you get the most value each step of you hiring journey!

Affintus API for ATS Integration

Affintus integrates with a variety of applicant tracking systems using API technology. That way, you never have to leave your ATS to use Affintus.

Advanced, Easy to Use Reports

Affintus Job Match Reports are intuitive – the plain language makes it easy for managers to understand every candidate’s strengths with no extra interpretation needed. At the macro level, Affintus Fit Report sorts candidates in order of their goodness-of-fit with the job, showing you how each candidate compares to every other in the applicant pool.

Manager Interview Support

Managers tell us that interview questions are hard to come up with, even after they have training. To support the use of behavioral questions, each candidate report includes explanations of the candidate’s strengths so that managers can achieve a deeper understanding of match using the customized interview questions included in each report.

Industry Leader in Managed Job-Seeker Experience

Affintus has you covered. When your applicants have bad hiring experiences, they often use social media to share them. The publicity you receive can negatively impact your organization’s attractiveness to top performers - and affects their intent to apply to your jobs. With Affintus, each job applicant is given a unique, private on-line Career Guidance Portal that describes the job seeker’s strengths, based on their responses to the Affintus Questionnaire. They learn about challenges they might face at work and strategies for addressing them in a positive way.

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Learn how Affintus can help you. 

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