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Managing Your Personal Brand / Digital Footprint

I was scrolling through job hunting headlines recently and this one caught my eye:

Digital-FootprintThis Company Will Only Accept ‘Twitter Resumes’ For A Six-Figure Job

The post highlights a trend that is unavoidable – your personal brand is on the web and people will look you up. The article states that some companies are foregoing resumes and instead are focusing on your social profile. If you’re actively looking for your next job you should expect that anyone involved in the hiring process will do a search for your name and will use that information.

Given that this is an upward trend, and some job seekers may consider it a problem, I figured there had to be some sort of solution available. Sure, you can Google yourself and set-up alerts (if you haven’t, you should) – but how do you manage the results? After doing some searching, I found several tools to help you manage your digital footprint. However, most are complex and required a paid account to get started. Then, I found This post was helpful in learning about them:

Google yourself clean with new branding app 

“Created two years ago by three alumni of Syracuse University, BrandYourself analyzes the search terms your online profile from sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and provides tips on how to boost your search ranking. Over time, the app tracks your progress in these rankings and alerts you when unidentified or negative results show up.

BrandYourself, which currently has about 25,000 users, doesn’t eradicate any potentially damaging information, but it can help push that information further down in the search results; most hiring managers tend to search not much deeper than one or two pages into any candidate’s social media search.”

It’s a freemium service that is easy to set-up and use. The interface is clean and intuitive. Really well thought out. There are plenty of free features that will help you manage your online presence. After answering some questions and sifting through the results, you will get a “Search Score” and some handy tips on how to improve.

Thoughts on this trend? Have you found other tools to help manage your personal brand / digital footprint? I have no affiliation with Brand Yourself and this is not an endorsement – so feel free to share your recommendations and help our readers learn about more tools they can use to manage their personal brand.

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