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Are You Influenced By Others Emotions in the Workplace?

reactiveMy affintus Preference Report: Reactiveness

I’ve taken a fair number of assessments throughout my life.  Most of which were taken in an academic

setting during a Psychology or Sociology course in college.  When I applied to work at affintus I was

actively searching for open employment opportunities.  affintus was the first pre-hire job match

solution I encountered during the application process. I had never been

pre-screened for an interview with a personal assessment before and I can distinctly

remember thinking, “Hmm this is different”.

Little did I know how different the affini-T preference

report really was when compared to traditional hiring methodology.  The match report details your specific

learning strengths, work style preferences and cultural fit within the

workplace.  Then places applicants in

positions where they will most likely be top performers.


dimension of reactiveness can be found under the work style preferences

category in the match report.  The

dimension illustrates an applicant’s disposition when affected by external

events and what is going on around them.

Below is my report:


The description over viewing my reactiveness score

ultimately detailed me perfectly.

‘Laurie does not worry about things that are beyond control’, I have

never been reactive by nature and worrying about things outside of my spectrum

of control have never been a top priority.

I prefer to keep calm when I am surrounded by high levels of emotion in

the workplace and the affintus report detailed this perfectly.

What kind of work culture do you prefer? Does it match your


If you want to find out, fill out the form below or email

me: marketing [at] and I will email you a link to the

questionnaire and your own report when you complete it.

Laurie Wherley

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