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Agreeable or Critical Work Culture?

zzconvoAs I mentioned on my previous post “My affintus Preference

Report”, before becoming a partner at affintus I wanted to see how well the affintus

questionnaire would describe my personal preferences. This post is about my Work

Culture preference which deals with an organization’s approach to opposition –

you know, whether you like a work culture where ideas are routinely debated and

argued or one where people debate only the most important ideas.

The anchors of this work culture dimension are agreeable and

critical. Neither is right or wrong, they just describe the way organizations

tend to approach ideas and mistakes.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 5.29.28 PM.png.28 PM

As you can see, my preference is to work in a company that

is more on the critical side, which is not a surprise to me! I want to be in a work environment

that supports open dialog and confronts errors or problems head on. I also

prefer it when different views are kicked around instead

of employees holding back.

What kind of work culture do you prefer?  Does it match your current work environment?

If you want to find out, fill out the form below or email me:

arturo.coto [at] and I will email you a link to the questionnaire

and your own report when you complete it.

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