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“Those People” from Seth Godin’s blog

Woke up this morning and did my usual scanning of news and blog headlines, and as usual, Seth’s blog caught my eye. Today he writes about an experience that I am sure happens all too often in homes, schools and companies. He tells a story of pre-judgement without foundation and the need for a new perspective: “Those People”

Too often people are judged without really understanding their potential. I tend to look for the strengths in people and what they will excel at. It is what I learned during my 8 years at Gallup and Soar with Your Strengths. Still, people looking for jobs today are judged on how well they present themselves via cover letters and resumes, but there is so much more to them!

That’s why I like we what we do at affintus. I like meeting with our customers and hearing the stories of how they are looking at candidates differently. They’re learning more about people’s preferences and have a better understanding of how to best hire and manage those people based on how they like to think, work and the work environment they thrive in. Essentially, that is the core role of a manager – find the people that will thrive in the role, focus on their preferences and support them all the way.

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