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My affintus Preference Report: Logic, Deduction & Reasoning

I have taken many assessments,
profiles, IQ tests, skill tests, and personality tests throughout my career.
Some are spot on and some make me wonder if I got the wrong report! So, before
becoming a partner at affintus I wanted to see how well their questionnaire
would describe me. I wanted to go through the candidate experience, complete
the affintus questionnaire, and see the results for myself.

This is the start of a series of
posts about what a person can learn from the affintus Preference Report. I’ll
kick it off with the first dimension for cognitive preference (how people prefer
to think and learn), which includes logic, deduction and reasoning.

This dimension describes a person’s preferences when
gathering information for problem solving.  Some of us prefer to use concrete information and actual
situations and they enjoy working with tangible, physical evidence.  Others enjoy using abstract information
and intangible ideas as part of the reasoning process. Here is the snippet from
my report:

The last sentence of the description
really hit home.  Some of you who know
me will agree. I have always tried to stay away from jobs that provided step-by-step
instructions – I cringe just thinking about it – and the times I have been in
that situation, the work was neither challenging nor fun for me. I prefer
abstract situations that require me to dig in and create a solution. I love the
challenge it brings and enjoy the moments when I am able to simplify a complex

So, do you know how you like to
process information? If you manage or hire people, do you know their specific preferences?
Wouldn’t it be nice to know that?

If you are wondering what your
preference would be on this dimension, I can help you with that. Fill out the
form on our site or email me: arturo.coto [at] affintus and I will send you a link
to the affintus questionnaire. As soon as you complete it, I will email you
your preference report, free, no strings attached. Just here to help you get to
know yourself a little better.

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