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Why I Love My Job

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have started to reflect on my work, and how thankful I am that I love what I do.

With the recent Presidential election there’s been a lot of debate about the “best” way to stimulate the economy and get more Americans back to work.  Regardless of which side of the debate you were on, most would agree there are significant challenges.

It’s kind of the chicken or the egg dilemma.  Businesses must be successful, or be optimistic about potential success, in order to take a risk and add jobs.

So what in the world does the economy, the election, and job growth have to do with me loving what I do?  Everything!

I love that what I do helps businesses be successful.  A significant part of business success depends on having the right talent in the right jobs.  Check – we do that every day.

I love that companies who use our assessment are more productive, hire employees who learn their jobs faster and stay in their jobs longer.  Thatmeans it costs the company less to be more productive.  Check – that’s what we help companies do.

I love that we help businesses hire people who are well suited to their jobs, and in the end, both the company and the employees benefit.

I love that when we help businesses, we’re helping workers get into jobs where they will be successful, and be contributing to something they’re good at.  There are over 12 million people who don’t have jobs and the prospect of creating and finding jobs for that many people is daunting.  But if business and government are going to spend time and money to address this challenge, wouldn’t it be great if people would land in jobs they fit, where they can be successful and contribute in a way that is meaningful to them and to the employer?  Perhaps a little Pollyanna, but why not give it a try?  It takes no more or no less effort.

I love what I do because it impacts business in big ways.  It’s also good for the workforce.  If what I do every day helps businesses grow (and it does), then we’re chipping away at that group of 12+ million. And I think that’s very cool.

Please tell me why you love what you do – I’d like to hear from you!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Affintus!

Written by: Paula A. Soileau

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