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Welcome to the Affintus Blog!

Welcome to official launch of the Affintus blog focusing on people and management.

Just like you, I attend meetings of all kinds: networking events, conferences, birthday parties, training seminars, panel discussions, dinner parties, professional association conventions.  And there is one question that comes up at every one: how do you get the right people on board in business?

This blog will be an on-going discussion of what works and what doesn’t. The discussion will sometimes center on conventional wisdom, which sometimes turns out to be flat wrong.  At other times success stories (big and small) will provide a catalyst for deeper discussion about how every business is both unique and like every other business.

There is already a lot of online advice about work and people.  Sometimes the information is accurate, but often it is based on personal opinion rather than evidence. We’ll take a look at research and science to see how they can help us figure out what to do next.

This is a topic of interest to many…and for good reason. In 2010 Forbes Insights conducted a survey of senior executives and talent managers.  They said they are facing a paradox: high unemployment rates (both in theUS and abroad) have not created the talent surplus many would have predicted.  They are already facing talent shortages in key areas.

In another study published this spring, executives in companies of all sizes reported that improving talent management is a top priority on their to-do lists while 75 percent questioned whether their Senior Executive teams had the right mix of skills and talent to generate growth for their companies.

When asked if a lack of internal talent led them to postpone or abandon any potential business actions in the past two years, 73 percent of the executives responded yes!  They had postponed mergers and acquisitions, geographic market expansion, product launches and various business initiatives.  Yikes.

This is the kind of thing we’ll blog about.  The posts will explore a broad management discussion and deliver strategies you can test and use.  We have a blank slate to work with.  I hope you will participate in the conversation by leaving a comment, suggesting a topic, asking a question, or taking the discussion in a new direction.

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