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Hire The Right People The First Time

Would you continue to buy a $10,000 part that was key to your product, but had a 46% failure rate after 18 months? Surprisingly, most companies do.

About 46% of employees selected using traditional methods (resume and interview) fail to meet targets within 18 months.  Only 19% of new hires ever become high performers who routinely meet and exceed targets. And yet companies continue to use the same 19th century selection methods to hire personnel for 21st century jobs, spending some $10,000 to recruit, select, and train each employee.  The decision to rely on résumés and interviews is based on the common – and inaccurate – belief that good people decisions are the result of experience and intuition…60 years of research proves they are not.

The problem is not recruiting. Thanks to numerous online and social media services employers have access to hundreds of candidates for a single opening.

The problem is in talent decision making data: what can hiring managers use to find the best applicants when up to 50% of résumés contain errors?  As for interviews, decisions based on candidate performance in an interview yields about the same success rate as random selection.

Affintus provides an easy-to-use web-based system that has good hiring practices built-in, so managers don’t have to think about them.

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