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The Best Recruits May Not Be Who You Think

An article caught our attention this week on the Wall Street Journal Online. Mike Michalowicz discusses the merits of hiring candidates based on personality, learning style and core values over traditional qualifications and indicators. It’s a fascinating read and we are excited to see more successful entrepreneurs taking hold of this philosophy. Read an excerpt and access the article below (and don’t forget to read the comments!).

“When hiring new employees, most recruiters consider qualifications first – and last. They’re looking for someone with the best education, the most experience and the most impressive skills. This is a mistake because you can teach employees what you want them to know, you can give them the experience you want them to have, but you can’t change who they are on a fundamental level. Their attitude, values, willingness and work ethic are all ingrained in them.

The most effective way to hire fantastic, loyal employees who will fit into your company culture and help you meet your goals is to hire them for their inherent abilities (that which can’t be taught), such as personality, learning style and core values. You do this by identifying behavior patterns during the interview process.”

Read full article here.

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