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Sociableness: What You See is Not Necessarily What You Get

I spend a lot of time with people.  I make speeches to large groups… hundreds of people at a time.  I teach executive management classes several times a month.  I am on the faculty at Texas A&M and teach two or three graduate courses each semester. 

I made the first sale of the Affintus software and have continued to sell as we grow.  Networking meetings are where I get to meet new people from all kinds of businesses. I can make conversation with just about anyone and enjoy getting together to socialize with friends.


Are You Influenced By Others Emotions in the Workplace?

I’ve taken a fair number of assessments throughout my life.  Most of which were taken in an academic setting during a Psychology or Sociology course in college.  When I applied to work at affintus I was actively searching for open employment opportunities.  affintus was the first pre-hire job match solution I encountered during the application process. I had never been pre-screened for an interview with a personal assessment before and I can distinctly remember thinking, “Hmm this is different”.


Agreeable or Critical Work Culture?

This post is about my Work Culture preference which deals with an organization’s approach to opposition – you know, whether you like a work culture where ideas are routinely debated and argued or one where people debate only the most important ideas.

The anchors of this work culture dimension are agreeable and critical. Neither is right or wrong, they just describe the way organizations tend to approach ideas and mistakes.