My affintus Preference Report: Logic, Deduction & Reasoning

I have taken many assessments, profiles, IQ tests, skill tests, and personality tests throughout my career. Some are spot on and some make me wonder if I got the wrong report! So, before becoming a partner at affintus I wanted to see how well their questionnaire would describe me. I wanted to go through the candidate experience, complete the affintus questionnaire, and see the results for myself.


“Those People” from Seth Godin’s blog

Seth Godin's blog "Those People" hits home. Too often people are judged without really understanding their potential. People looking for jobs today are judged on how well they present themselves via cover letters and resumes, but there is so much more to them!


The Myth of Selection Expertise

This is the second in a series of blogs about barriers to selection success.  The first looked at the gap between what HR practitioners believe and what has been proven through scientific research (Link to - How Pole Vaulting Helps With Better Hiring Decisions).

The idea that scientific analysis outperforms intuition-based decisions is one of the most well-established findings in behavioral science.