It’s 2016: Let’s Talk Dollars and Sense about Talent

CEOs can easily explain details of their revenue targets, sales projections, manufacturing costs, and new customer acquisition cost. But even though human resource expenses usually make up more than 60% of the budget, most CEOs cannot answer questions like:


Getting Rid of the Résumé

The Employee Relations Law Journal (Journal) has recently published another study that underlines why resumes don’t work and why they should not be trusted (Lies and Damned Lies: Some Legal Implications of Resume Fraud and Advice for Preventing It).  Affintus has been a part of this discussion for years and the proof keeps growing.


Sociableness: What You See is Not Necessarily What You Get

I spend a lot of time with people.  I make speeches to large groups… hundreds of people at a time.  I teach executive management classes several times a month.  I am on the faculty at Texas A&M and teach two or three graduate courses each semester. 

I made the first sale of the Affintus software and have continued to sell as we grow.  Networking meetings are where I get to meet new people from all kinds of businesses. I can make conversation with just about anyone and enjoy getting together to socialize with friends.